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ICICI Bank-Book Profits

Cover 280 Call @CMP 21.5 and Cover 300 Call @CMP 9.6. Money In is Rs 11900. Money Out when we took the Positions on Wednesday was Rs 9200. Thus Rs 2700 is the Profit which comes out to be 2.7% in 3 days. This has been achieved by using only 22% of the Margin. Stock may react after results today, and…

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ICICI Bank-Bull Call Spread

Initiate Bull Call Spread in ICICI Bank. Buy 1 Lot 280 August Call @ CMP 16.5, and Sell 1 Lot  300 August Call @CMP 7.3. Lot Size is 1000. One Combination for a capital of Rs 1 Lac. Maximum Profit is Rs 10800 and Maximum Loss is Rs 9200. Margin used is around Rs 22000. Keep remaining margin for crea…

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Exit Longs

Get out of all your Long Positions. Greece Cancer is likely to spread to other Countries like Spain and Italy

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