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Lead MCX

Also cover the remaining lots of Lead at CMP 140.6

Cover Lead

Cover Lead 1 lot at CMP 140.5. Look to sell again at 142.5. One more lot can be covered at 138.5

Lead Sold

Entered in to Trade to sell lead mcx at 142.5

Lead MCX

Look to sell again at 142.5, and look to buy one lot at 138.5. CMP 140.4

Cover 1 Lot Lead

Lead was shorted on 20th Aug at 142.5. Cover it at CMP 140.5

Lead shorted at Target Price

As advised earlier, one more Lot of Lead shorted at 142.5. This can be covered tomorrow at a lower price. 

Cover Lead 1 Lot

Cover the 1 lot of Lead shorted at 142.5 yesterday at CMP 138.5. Look to short again at 142.5


Look to sell 1 more lot of Lead at 142.5

Smile with Options

Sell Lead

Sell Lead 1 more Lot at CMP 137.5

Sell More Lead

Look to sell 1 more Lot of Lead MCX at 135.1

Sell Lead MCX Again

Lead MCX Sell entered again at 133.6. Look to cover again at 132.6

Book Profit in Lead

Book Profit in LEAD MCX at CMP 132.6. Profit Rs 1/unit, 17.4%. Look to sell again at 133.6

Target Hit

Target of 125 hit. Exit 5800 PE. Profit Rs 16/unit, 14.68%

Put Stop Loss

Those who haven't put a stop loss, pls do it at 120

Book Profit

Stop Loss of 118 triggered. Profit Rs 8/unit, 8.25%

Modify Stop Loss

Modify Stop Loss to 118

Bad Inflation/ Good Trade

Buying 5800 PE was a good decision. Inflation no is above expectation. Modify the stop loss to 109 , your cost price, and keep increasing this stop loss to higher level. Target 125

Buy Put

Buy 5800 PE at CMP 109, and put a stop loss at 100. A bad inflation no may get you good profits, and the stop loss will limit your losses 

Lead MCX

As per our advice yesterday evening, you must have shorted Lead MCX at 133.6 yesterday. Look to Book Profits today around 132.6

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